Steam What?

Airship Ambassador

By Bruce Rosenbaum

What is Steampunk? A basic question, right? I’ll begin by saying that there is no single, simple, explanation that adequately explains what Steampunk is or what it is becoming. It’s a creative design solution. It’s a movement and a culture. It’s a practice. It’s a dynamic force in my own work, part philosophy and part aesthetic, that guides my approach and process in design, engineering and craft.

Though there are some core principles to Steampunk, and what Steampunk is varies with each person’s interpretation (and expression) of it.  A quality that makes this aesthetic/culture distinct is its fluidity and that its characteristics are entirely chosen by the community of individuals: tinkerers, designers, artists, engineers, crafters and enthusiasts.

Unlike other forms and fashions, Steampunkers as a collective continuously choose what proportion of components such as: Victorian, Edwardian, Industrial Age; Science Fiction and Romance; pre- and post-apocalypse is represented in…

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